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Flexicube  ExtendingTable  Media Unit

Flexicube (1988):

Flexicube is a storage/furnishing system utilising standard size panels whose edges can easily interlock and hinge by the use of hinge/bolt assemblies. The panels are separated just as easily. The photographs show a storage box and a table constructed from the six panels which would form the basic kit. Panels could be plain or have designs such as the dice face and chessboard shown here.



Extending Table (1998):

Pictured below are two configurations of a novel extending table. The two tables shown are fully functioning models but a full size prototype is now under construction. The pictures show both a two leaf and a four leaf model. The leaves of the tables are extended and retracted by turning the table top. A central mechanism both extends the leaves and brings the leaves and table top level once the leaves are extended. Retraction of the leaves is facilitated in the same way, by turning the top of the extended table.



Media Unit (2013):

I needed to house all my home entertainment equipment in a relatively small space in my living room. Although there are media units out there that would normally do the job, my problem was that I wanted to include a turntable. As the top of the unit would be taken up with a TV, I had to look at another way of including the vinyl spinner. The solution was to include a shallow drawer on heavy duty runners onto which the turntable could be mounted. The unpopulated unit can be seen below. It basically consists of separate shelf units, on short legs, which stack to give a flexible housing unit. The turntable drawer is mounted on top of one of these shelves and slides on runners with a 50Kg capacity, this gives the shelf high rigidity when pulled out. Adjustable feet on the legs allows for levelling of the shelf. The first picture shows the unit without the drawer assembly fitted.



The pictures below show the populated unit, now stained to match other furniture. It looks quite crowded but it has enabled me to pack all the equipment into the space available. In addition, future equipment will be more compact so the unit will become less busy.